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your practice efficiency and growth, enhanced.

Advanced digital orthodontics at every treatment step.

We are committed to transforming smiles and changing lives. Your expertise, combined with our advanced technology, means we can give healthier smiles to more patients than ever before.
Our latest innovations are designed for two purposes; exceptional clinical outcomes and increased practice efficiency and growth.

  • Exceptional clinical outcomes
    Our innovations are designed to offer you exceptional clinical outcomes – offering even more of the effective treatment planning and predictability you have come to expect from Invisalign®.

  • Increased practice efficiency and growth
    By bringing ground-breaking technology to you, we can also enhance your practice efficiency and save you time with a more seamless workflow.
    We aim to improve treatment efficiency through these innovations, with fewer patient visits, less chair time and faster treatment completion.

  • Together in the new era
    Our series of innovations, designed to work alongside your knowledge and skills, will help us transform smiles together in the new era of digital orthodontics.

The Innovations

Invisalign® Moderate Package

“We can provide our patient with a more affordable treatment plan that can solve their malocclusion in an effective way.”

Dr. Susana Palma and Dr. Javier Lozano, Orthodontists – Spain

CBCT integration for ClinCheck® software

“Thanks to the integration of the CBCT to the ClinCheck Pro®, we can use tools such as occlusal plane management and 3D control, which will definitely allow us to deliver treatment plans which are more biologically friendly and much more accurate for our patients.”

Dr. Martín Pedernera, Orthodontist – Spain

ClinCheck® Pro 6.0 Live Update Software for 3D Controls

“Live Update has been a great step forward according to my digital workflow because we can keep our concentration, our focus on the diagnosis of our patients and from the diagnosis develop the treatment plan.”

Dr. Riccardo Capuozzo, Orthodontist – Italy

Mandibular Advancement

“Enhanced precision wings for Invisalign® treatment with mandibular advancement is my treatment of choice, and I am thrilled that we can offer this feature to our patients.”

Dr. Barry Glaser, USA



Invisalign® Practice App

The Invisalign® Practice App combines key features from both the Invisalign® Doctor Site and Invisalign® Photo Uploader that work hand in hand to provide improved access and support each step of your patient’s journey.

Invisalign® Virtual Care AI1

Invisalign® Virtual Care AI is the only doctor-directed, AI-assisted remote monitoring solution integrated with your Align™ Digital Workflow, allowing you to prioritise Invisalign® treatment tracking exceptions all in one platform.

ClinCheck® Pro 6.0 Live Update Software for 3D Controls

ClinCheck® Software update enables you to submit approvals 82%2 faster , modify treatment plans yourself for added control and send patients on their way to a straighter smile faster.

Visualization with CBCT integration

An intuitive interface and advanced 3D models make ClinCheck® software with CBCT scan integration an invaluable innovation to plan customised treatment for an expanded range of malocclusions - including surgical, restorative and teen cases with impacted or unerupted teeth.

Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro

Generate a realistic in-face visualisation of your patient’s future Invisalign® smile with this powerful engagement tool, available on the iTero™ Element Plus series imaging systems, driving Invisalign® case acceptance to grow your practice.

Invisalign® Moderate Package

Predictable teeth straightening for mild to moderate cases.

Deliver predictable clinical outcomes for mild to moderate malocclusions – and expand your patient base to treat this prevalent issue.

Mandibular Advancement

The Mandibular Advancement feature with precision wings offers a clinically proven4, reliable way to treat Class II malocclusions in your teen patients.
Tap into the fastest-growing patient base with Mandibular Advancement.

DISCLAIMER: The offering may differ depending on the country.

1 Invisalign Virtual Care AI is a software packet that consists of several software feature options to create a seamless and intelligent, one-platform experience.
Part of Virtual Care AI is Automated Notification (Virtual Care 3.0) feature available with Invisalign Virtual Care AI-based Automatic Assessment, which is registered as Medical Device software.
Whenever there is a reference made to AI-Assisted automated notifications in this document, it concerns the Virtual Care 3.0 Medical device software component.
2 Based on Invisalign comprehensive treatment option primary orders (N=50114 cases), from doctors (N=165 Ortho and GP across NA, EMEA, APAC, LATAM) participating in a limited market release who only used ClinCheck Live Update for 3D controls as compared to those who only used CAD designers for their ClinCheck modifications to treatment plans (from June 1, 2021 through December 23, 2021). Time measurement is based on the doctor’s first opening of the ClinCheck plan to final ClinCheck approval.
3 Compared to Invisalign aligners previously made from single-layer (EX30) material.
4 Data on file at Align Technology, as of June 29, 2018