Shift your practice into the digital world.

The world is moving forwards. Provide your patients with a seamless end-to-end treatment experience.

Digital Transformation > Horizontal Card > Image
Digital Transformation > Horizontal Card > Image

Discover the efficiency of the Align™ Digital Platform.

Investing in a digital transformation means investing in more time, comfort, savings, and success for both you and your patients. The Align digital™ platform is a unique suite of easy-to-adapt digital dentistry solutions that deliver a rich, integrated and seamless end-to-end digital experience for you and your patients. It’s not just about alignment, it's about ortho-restorative comprehensive dentistry.

Treat your patients with a seamless digital end-to-end workflow.

Before and after treatment with Invisalign aligners
Before and after treatment with Invisalign aligners


Engage with consumers before they become patients and get them excited about Invisalign® treatment options before they even enter your practice.

Invisalign SmileView™ simulation

The Invisalign SmileView™ tool motivates and engages prospective patients by returning an image of their new smile in just 60 seconds.1

Invisalign® Virtual Appointment2

Face-to-face virtual appointments provide a convenient way for you to answer prospective patients’ questions and you can work out the costs and intent before they set foot in your clinic.2

Going digital page Scan section 770x513
Going digital page Scan section 770x513


No need for analogue impressions, just scan. Capturing patient data has never been so easy.

Invisalign® Photo Uploader

Take and upload high-quality intraoral photos directly to your patients’ records on the Invisalign® Doctor Site. It’s so easy, your staff can do it.
89% of General Practitioners (GPs) surveyed prefer the quality of photos using Invisalign® Photo Uploader* over DSLR camera, when submitting Invisalign® cases.3

Gain greater accuracy with more information from digital scans.

As well as removing the need for PVS impressions, with the iTero™ Plus Series all it takes is one scan to generate 3D models and intraoral images with enhanced visualisation. It even includes Near-Infrared Technology (NIRI) to aid in interproximal caries detection.

  • 100% of patients surveyed said that they liked digital impressions better due to time, taste, gagging, and comfort concerns, and that they would advise a friend to seek out digital impressions.4
  • 60% of patients that were shown an Invisalign® Outcome Simulator on the iTero™ scanner started Invisalign® treatment.5
Invisalign smile Before and after
Invisalign smile Before and after


Plan treatment on your own terms — anytime, anywhere.

ClinCheck® “In-Face” Visualization tool

Allows you to see a 3D visualisation of your patient’s teeth within an image of their face, for customized treatment planning.

ClinCheck® Pro 6.0 software

Our cloud-based ClinCheck® software leverages data from 17 million cases6 and lets you do the treatment planning at any time, and anywhere on a Mac, PC, and iPad. You can visualise, step by step, the space creation, attachments needed and end result with ClinCheck®.

ClinCheck® Pro 3D tool

lets you fine-tune and modify the treatment with the click of a mouse-button, speeding up.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 10.13 1@2x
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 10.13 1@2x


Enhanced digital treatment tools allow you to monitor your patients’ progress remotely, to ensure treatments are on track.

Invisalign® system

The most advanced clear aligners in the world provide unmatched predictability of tooth movement. SmartTrack™ material delivers more than 75% improvement in overall tooth movement predictability.7
From simple to complex cases, the Invisalign® system can achieve results in as little as six months8, and Invisalign® clear aligners are less painful9 and more comfortable than braces10.

Real-time customisation

Real-time treatment customisation saves you time by making modifications whenever needed. You can adjust and personalize the treatment to meet the patients’ individual needs and lifestyle.

Vivera™ retainers

You've transformed their smile with the world's most advanced clear aligner11. Now help them keep it beautiful with a retainer .

VivieraRetainer 3@2x
VivieraRetainer 3@2x


Take advantage of remote monitoring tools to help stay connected and up to date with your patients.

Invisalign® Virtual Care12

Now more than ever, patients desire convenience. Invisalign® Virtual Care allows you to stay virtually connected with patients and remotely monitor their treatment progress, no matter where they live.

iTero™ Progress Assessment tool

The iTero™ Progress Assessment tool gives you and your patient clarity on how the treatment is progressing.

Invisalign™ Practice App

The Invisalign™ Practice app is integrated with the Invisalign® Doctor Site to help streamline your workflow by putting many of the Invisalign® treatment features you use daily like Invisalign® Photo Uploader, Virtual Care*, Virtual Appointment and Smileview simulation in one convenient app.

Partner with a world leader to transform more smiles.

transformed worldwide6

clear aligner system in the world

iTero Element scanners

proven accuracy for full-arch scan13

of clear aligner therapy

Dr Tim Nolting FEATURED CASE image 770x455-no-bg

“iTero, especially the 5D scanner, helps us to engage our patients in their oral health…we can use it as a diagnostic tool and for restorative work”


Dr. Tim Nolting

Still not sure? Here’s more to consider.

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Overbite DarkBG 1

Which Cases Are Suitable for Invisalign Treatment?


Remaining Relevant In a Digital World

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teen 1

Invisalign Treatment: Why It’s More Than Just a Smile

1. Based on a limited market release (LMR) conducted with 59 participating accounts (5+ selfies submitted using the SmileView in-practice tool) in U.S., UK and Canada. Time from submitting selfie to getting the results image returned to device. Data on file at Align™ Technology, as of April 23, 2019.​

2. Invisalign® Virtual Appointment was made available in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and government-imposed restrictions on patient mobility and practice closures due to health and safety reasons. This tool is designed to connect Invisalign® providers with their patients and support practices in ensuring treatment continuity. Invisalign Virtual Appointment is not designed to entirely replace face-to-face appointments and checkups. Before using the tool, please make sure that applicable local regulations allow you to interact with patients with a tool such as Invisalign® Virtual Appointment.​

3. Survey respondents who are Invisalign trained GP doctors (N=62) were asked “Which photo do you feel most comfortable submitting to Align for Invisalign® treatment?” and presented with four randomized side-by-side photos as follows: Invisalign® Photo Uploader (IPU) using an iPhone XS Plus + Ring Flash; IPU using an iPhone XS Plus + Smart Phone Dental Light; IPU using an iPhone XS Plus; Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR camera + Ring Flash. Data on file at Align™ Technology, as of December 3rd, 2019.​

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7. Compared to Invisalign aligners previously made from single-layer (EX30) material.​

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12. Invisalign®Virtual Care was made available in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and government-imposed restrictions on patient mobility due to health and safety reasons. This tool is designed to connect Invisalign® providers with their existing patients and support practices in ensuring treatment continuity. Invisalign® Virtual Care is not a replacement for office visits. Patients will need to come to the office as determined by their doctor. Before using the tool please ensure that applicable local regulations and professional code of practice allow you to interact with patients with a tool such as Invisalign® Virtual Care.​